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What types of blogs generate the most traffic in 2021?

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Attracting a certain number of unique, organic visitors on their blog is something which every blogger, SEO experts and content strategists look towards. It is a mystery unsolved till now. This post focuses on types of blogs which could help you gain a certain number of unique, organic visitors’ traffic every month.

There could be several answers to the question on which blogs have the most traffic. The answer to this is unknown but there are two main characteristics that a user looks for in any blog which is knowledge and value addition. If your blog does not focus on these two characteristics then whatever type of blog you may be writing you can never achieve the desired number of visitors.

List of 6 key types of blogs which will attract the most traffic in 2021:-

1)   Educational

In a world where working and learning from home is the new normal, the first category of blogs that can attract unique visitors to your blog is educational.

It includes a lot of sub-categories like: –

  • Infographics for processes to display statistics and your opinions backed by research
  • “How to’s” such as ‘How to assemble your PC at home’
  • Lists (e.g., 7 steps to a healthy life)
  • Product Reviews – Writing feedback about certain products and services
  • Creating awareness about a particular issue or topic (e.g., government schemes and initiatives)
  • News and entertainment
  • Book Reviews
  • Articles based on your experience or about certain topics to educate people about them

The list is endless, but a good blogger should focus on creating something that everyone is looking for and not something which is outside your genre and the expectations of your target audience.

2)   Financial Management

The second main theme shall revolve around finance and investments. With the world economies becoming more volatile people are looking for special tips to manage their money. Under this, your blog could be related to anything financial education and awareness, wealth creation, savings and investments, is virtually free of debt, updates on stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies, etc. This year is going to be the year where financial management is going to be central to the world’s blogging platforms.

3)   Health and Fitness

After knowledge and wealth come health. ‘Natural ways to increase immunity’ has been one of the biggest trends in February and March last year. The number of organic searches revolving around topics related to health and safety has been seen a huge increase from some thousand searches a month to hundreds of thousands per month. Overall physical and mental well-being is what people look forward to day in and day out. Blogs related to health and fitness shall be trending whatever the changes are global.

4)   Science and Technology Updates

Another evolving space after education, money and health is science and technology. This category could focus on latest gadgets and product launches (like phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, gaming consoles, etc), hardware and software updates, product launches, reviews of certain software’s, artificial intelligence and machine learning, space exploration updates, inventions, patents and discoveries and much more things.

5)   SEO and Digital Marketing Updates

Providing your users with the latest Google Algorithm Updates is something that could help your blog to grow. There are more and more searches revolving around updates in the digital marketing and SEO space. You can have an added first-person advantage if you provide the latest updates and news in the search engine space along with informing your users, followers and clients on how they could use them in their favor.

6)   Motivation and Lifestyle

Finally, this year is going to be about new beginnings. People are looking forward to a positive spirit and motivation. This is an evolving subjective category which is always constant. If your blog post has either podcasts, interviews, articles, videos or guest appearances by any of the great personalities in the field of motivation, you can leverage on their name and it could overall results in higher chances of visibility. Motivational blogs often have higher chances to trend as people really look forward to them!


Beyond these six categories, there is a huge horizon of topics you could write your blog on. Remember, the two key characteristics, knowledge and value. If you include these two characteristics in your blog and focus on the categories and subcategories uniformly then the sky is the limit in attracting the right audience traffic to your blog!

Raj Virani

Raj Virani is a graduate in Political Science and holds a multifaceted personality. A changemaker by heart he likes taking up challenges especially the ones which are outside his comfort zone. He is the winner of ‘The Times of India Public Speaking Competition’ and has been felicitated by the Chief Minister of Haryana when he won the first prize in ‘National Youth Festival Extempore Public Speaking Competition.’ He joined the team at DataPierce as a Content Writer to quench his never-ending thirst for knowledge, fulfill his desire of gaining new experiences and finding answers to curious life questions on the foundations of knowledge and experience.

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