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Google Ads: What are Google Ads and which are their types?

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Google is now responsible for conducting more than 2 trillion searches on the internet around the world. It is the highest-ranked and the most popular search engine in the world with 90% of desktop searches being made by it, 35% of product searches start on Google with an addition of 16 to 20% of new searches every year.

The empowerment of local businesses by this search engine is what makes it remarkable. The biggest impact of Google search on businesses can be measured by the fact that 34% of ‘Near Me’ searches on Google performed by using tablets, desktops and smartphones result in an in-person store visit.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Now, taking advantage of this situation several local businesses have taken maximum leverage of this search engine and monetized it through Google’s pay per click advertising feature to drive organic, quality traffic to their website which resulted in higher leads, conversions and sales for their business.

With increased opportunities in this search engine, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also gaining a lot of popularity among businesses. One of the biggest tools used for SEM on Google is Google Ads.

Now, let’s understand Google Ads and their types in detail:  

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is the updated name of Google Adwords. Google Ads primarily are paid advertisements which appear on the results page when you try to search for something on Google.

Google Ads

Have a look at the image above, when we searched ‘Digital Marketing’ we were provided with 2 kinds of results, sponsored (which are highlighted in the red box) along with the ‘Ad’ label attached to them and unsponsored.  All Google Ads appear to be on the top of SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

Types of Google Ads

A Google Ads Campaign can be classified into two main categories: – Basic Level Campaign and Advanced Level Campaigns.

Basic Level Campaigns in Google Ads are:

  • Search Network Campaign
  • Display Network Campaign
  • Video Campaign

Whereas, Advanced Level Campaigns are classified into:

  • Shopping Campaign
  • App Campaign

Let us understand Basic Level Campaigns:

Search Network Campaign

This is one the widely used and the most popular type of Google Adwords campaign where ads appear as a text ad in the search results.

To explain this visually, here are the search network campaign ads for the product keyword ‘formal shoes’.

Search Network Campaign

Search Network Ads appear first in the results of any normal Google search.

Display Network Campaign

As an advanced type of basic level campaign ad, Display Network Campaign helps you capture the attention of the user with banner ads and images. This ad type helps you reach a higher number of people through its added image feature.

There are different ways in which your display ads can appear. The first way is display on third – party websites as below:

Display Ads

The second way is in the form of an advertisement in the email box of the user:

mail box ads

The third way is through third-party mobile applications which are listed on Google’s app network i.e. either the Google PlayStore or any other Google app network.

mobile display ads

And finally in video format before starting a YouTube video. 

Video ads

Display ads can prove to be a great way to generate higher business leads for your business and helps you get the maximum number of eyes on your ad.

Video Campaign

Video Campaign Ads are the ones that appear on YouTube popularly known as ‘YouTube Ads’.

There are two types of Youtube Ads, first are skippable (which you can find in the final image of the display network campaign Ads) and unskippable (as the one below). Skippable Ads are the type of ads which can be skipped after the first 3 seconds of watching them and unskippable ads are the ones which cannot be skipped and have a higher duration of user – attention. 

Unskippable Youtube ads

And finally, there are discovery ads which appear on the results page of specific keyword searches on Youtube like:

youtube ads

Now discuss, Advanced Level Campaigns in detail:

Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaigns are a comparatively higher way of promoting your products and services on Google as they are complemented by images. Alongwith search results you can also make your ads appear in the Google Shopping page like:  

Shopping Ads

Remember, Shopping Campaign Ads will only accept advertisements with physical products associated with them, and will not display service ads.

App Campaign

Like video ads, app ads can also be included in your ads display network which can be used for targeted Google Ads campaign over the smartphone market.

A typical app ad appears to be like:

Mobile App Ads

For an App Campaign, you do not need to design an ad for every device but Google’s technology performs it for you by itself to create the best ad for your business.

In the end…

To maximize the digital marketing potential of your business, Google Ads can prove to be an extremely important tool for it. It is a medium of advertising which helps in generating more leads and expand your business boundaries.

To conduct a successful Google Ads campaign for your business, get in touch with one of our advisors today at DataPierce Consulting.

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