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In house marketing resource vs outsourcing model

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There are many marketing models, enabling businesses to implement digital marketing strategies in their business practices. The pandemic impact has also made businesses to fall back and consider cheaper opportunities to pick marketing service.

The first aspect that comes in mind is to save money with the in-house marketing resources, as it reduces the employees’ count, and you don’t have to pay something additional to an outsourcing business team.

Deciding to move ahead with the in-house or outsource agency models is a challenging task, as there are many variables to consider. In this article, we are going to give you a brisk walk through both the options and help you to make the decision.

Difference between in-house and outsourced marketing models 

In-house Marketing- It is the mode, where the employees work inside a company only, and as a business, you can hire and pick the team as per your need. It can be a team of 10 personas or even lesser as per your project’s demand.

Outsourced Marketing- The outsourcing business, lets your business to hire an agency to work with your company, externally. This type of team consists of all types of different resources to start with the marketing model, consisting of SEO specialist, content writer, UX designer, SMM, and other strategists to help you build a strong online presence in the market.

In-house marketing resource vs. outsourced marketing

In-house team limitations

In-house team comes with limited exposure and experience, which is not sufficient for your business to run a successful campaign. As digital marketing is a vast business and letting your business grow, you need to try different strategies and tactics, which is not possible for your in-house team as they have shallow knowledge about marketing.

You have to pay them regular salaries, and continue paying them, even when the project gets over, and for additional expertise, you need to hire a separate individual. This brings you a financial burden, and you get to waste your time in the hiring process as well.

Outsourced company benefits

They’re strategic and are tactical marketing experts, and have experience in providing vital and top-notch marketing strategies.

You don’t need to chase them for getting your work done, when you hire an outsourcing company then you get the daily follow-ups, as they also have the pressure to complete the project and bring the right result to you.

Their efforts provide the long-term benefits to your business and you can even get your in-house team to learn a few tactics from them.

As they work with different brands from different categories, they have better exposure and experience to handle your business with different digital marketing trends.

Their focus is more on driving results. They bring some worthy changes in the off-beat work schedule and let your business get some overwhelming result in no time.

So how do you choose an outsource digital agency?

Marketing agency brings value to your business in many ways, but selecting the right agency is a hard task. There are many factors that become a question, thus you need to consider a few things before moving ahead. 

  • Check if they have exposure in B2B services
  • Which type of content they are providing?
  • How their users are engaged with the targeted audience?
  • Which type of result they have delivered to the clients?

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