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Google Search Ads New Rich Results For Educational Websites

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Education websites have seen continuous growth in traffic after the 2020 pandemic, or you can say the after the start of online studies. Students are looking for the solution on educational websites.

This article is to inform you about Google’s new rich results for education sites. Yes, Google has recently launched the schema markup for the education sites. But why?

According to Google, it is the most requested content type from the student’s end to the practice and solves their problem. This was after the COVID pandemic and surge in online classes and studies.

Make sure you add these to your digital marketing strategies for the desired results. Let’s see what it is, how it works, and benefit searchers & the business owners.

What is the Schema Markup for Educational Websites?

With the help of schema markup education sites that provide practice problems and math solver pages can be eligible for the new rich results. The two rich results introduced are Practice Problem Rich Results and Math Solver Rich Results.

These two features will increase the visibility of the website on Google and drive more traffic. Along with that, Google has added Rich Results Report to check the output. You might be thinking about how these works?

Let’s see, one by one:

Practice Problem Rich Results

What is it? How can a website implement this? How will results look on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

Practice Problem Rich Results will help students in evaluating the understanding of the topic. How? By showing the MCQs (multiple choice questions) in search results when someone enters the practice problem.

How can your website be visible for this?
This isn’t that hard. All you have to do is implement the new structured data for the practice problems. Also, don’t forget to add all the recommended structured properties. Adding all the relevant data in the structured data properties will show the quality of the knowledge website provides.

How will it show on SERP?
For Example: Search “algebra practice problem” in the google search bar, and you will get the result like below:

You will have to add a minimum of two practice problems per concept to qualify for this type of result. Only then will you benefit from this Schema Markup.

Math Solver Rich Results

Moving on to another schema markup, we have math solver rich results. The questions in your mind are the same as they were in the above one. So without delay, let’s get you answers.

With the help of Math Solver schema markup, you will be able to rank for the math problem. According to Google, a math solver page is the one that provides a tool to input and solve the equations. This markup allows users to search the specific equation and get the step-by-step solutions.

How can your website be eligible for this? Websites can use new math solver structured data to provide the solutions. This will increase the chances of ranking for the same.

How does it look on SERP?
For Example: Type “x^4-2x^2-3=0” in the Google Search bar and hit answer. This is what you will get:

However, keep in mind the Google allows using this schema markup for the websites that let users see the step-by-step solutions only. In short, if you have developed a tool that can solve math problems, this can be a great help for your website.

Rich Result Reports

The last topic of the article and the schema markup adding process as well. How? Once you have added implemented the structured data in the content, check for the errors in the Google Search Console.

Rich result reports will show you the warnings and errors related to the structured data of the webpage. With the help of that information, you can rectify the content and fix the flaws.

As soon as everything is per the requirement, the chances of visibility in the specified results will increase.

Oh! Did we forget to mention the announcement of Google? At the launch, Google said, “Searchers will now be able to explore the practice problems from the education websites like BBC Bitesize, Byjus, CK-12 Foundation, Great Minds, Toppr, Vedantu, Chegg, and others.”


This is a great opportunity for educational websites to get high visibility and higher rankings on the SERP. Let digital marketing advertising companies like DataPierce help you in gaining the benefits of Google Updates.

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