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What is the importance of digital presence for artisan business?

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Artists and artisan business owners seem to be always living in a world of themselves sometimes created quite far away from the real world itself. Due to this tendency, sometimes it happens so that they are confined to a world that they create for themselves. This sometimes can prove to be a strong hurdle in reaching new audiences and getting their work published to get the due attention it truly deserves.

However, with changing times artisan businesses’ have now started to recognize the importance of building a strong digital presence to attract a higher number of people to their work. Let us understand this by an example, Ramesh and Suresh are 2 artisan business owners who are in the business of selling hand-painted t-shirts. Ramesh is more experienced and designs beautiful T-shirts but is not digitally present. Whereas on the other hand, Suresh is less creative and experienced compared to Ramesh but still is able to generate higher leads and on average sell more T-shirts than Ramesh in a month. Why? Because Suresh is digitally present.

Digital marketing is a very powerful tool of marketing for your business that directly reaches your target customers, increases your leads for your artisan business, and creates higher sales for your entire business. Web development and digital marketing are nowadays an integral part of any good art marketing strategy

Let us understand, the importance of digital presence for an artisan business:

Your website displays your art and also sells

Social media and online portfolio display websites are a great place to present your work but a personal brand website is a very strong foundational stone for building an online presence for your artisan business. Strong, WordPress website development helps your business by building credibility and reliability and establishing strong brand authority for it. Moreover, your website could be the best place to facilitate orders and sell of your products effectively. 

With e-commerce popularizing in the art field having a website makes it easy for your products to be sold on reputed e-commerce website (as it proves your online reputation) and at the same time it also facilitates purchase from your own business website making it easier for your customers to know about your products and purchase them at the same place. 

It helps Google to know that you are there

Web development and digital marketing helps you reach your business’s target customers which you are really looking for. For an artisan business getting recognition and monetizing on their art is something that all the stakeholders work day in and day out to make that happen. 

Now, despite of having a website Google is the window to the world, it is the place where art curators, your art lovers, and appreciators of your art lookout for your presence. The best way to get Google to know you are there is to create a Google My Business profile, connect all your social media presence with it and then post images and videos in relation to your business. 

Moreover, techniques like Search Engine Optimization (for organic marketing) and Search Engine Management (for marketing your brand inorganically through a search engine) specially designed to target your prospective customers could prove to be very effective in the long run to build your online presence. 

Social media helps your work get social

Artists are less social as they prefer to enjoy by themselves. A lot of artisan businesses do not prefer to socialize or build their presence on various social media platforms to display their work and increase their brand visibility. The reasons for this according to them are less technical knowledge, no liking to work on computers, intellectual property concerns, copyright infringements, and much more. 

In turn, what is happening is due to your reduced social media presence your prospective customers are getting attracted towards your competitors and buying their products from them even if they do not provide the same kind of products as you. 

Digital marketing tells your story as an artisan business

Every business has a unique story and the story of your business could be easily told by your social media. For artisan businesses, these stories can be quite unique on some occasions. So, your web development and digital marketing efforts help you highlight your unique story to a larger audience. 


Therefore, for an artisan business web development and digital marketing adds the same value to their business as their artwork. With everything available at the tip of your fingers digitally you could now avoid all the hustle and bustle involved in the process of going digital by hiring a digital marketing agency that holds industry-leading experience in web development and digital marketing and provides you with custom-designed marketing solutions which suit your business needs. 

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Raj is a graduate in Political Science but since his graduation days, he was passionate about Digital Marketing and Content Writing. To advance his knowledge and increase his intellectual capability in digital marketing and content writing he joined DataPierce Consulting as a Content Writer cum Strategist. He holds deep knowledge in designing content strategy, developing content for both written and audiovisual mediums of communication, public speaking, research, and development to develop content specifically required for startups and emerging businesses.

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