Microsoft Technologies

Datapierce Microsoft technologies for building robust applications and services.

Datapierce delivers high-performance Microsoft technology solutions to you at affordable rates with fast turn-around time without compromising quality.

Microsoft provides an extremely powerful and flexible framework for applications that can be used for any type of industry and can be leveraged to build an application with any level of complexity.

We build mobile apps, web apps, IoT apps, AI-based apps, desktop apps with smart software architecture for easy scalability with cross-platform capability.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Next Microsoft Development?

Affordable Microsoft technology development services

At Datapierce, we create projects using Microsoft technologies to ensure they generate the highest possible ROI in the budget that you are comfortable with using the power of opensource .net framework.

Extensive Portfolio with Years of .net framework Development Experiences

We are proud to say that Datapierce has helped many businesses from various verticles successfully with applications based on Microsoft services. Our expertise with Microsoft microservices makes us the best choice for your next project.

The Core of our development Process

We want our applications to have fast response time, with eye-pleasing UI/UX that is simple to navigate but rich with functionality. Our coding processes are designed to keep the code clean and lean that is easy to scale when needed.

End-to-end Microsoft technologies development

Our inhouse team of experts are Microsoft certified developers capable of creating applications of any scope with Microsoft technologies. May it be a mobile application or an enterprise-scale desktop application; we possess the expertise and experience to build it.


We provide complete solutions that include high-end desktop applications, web applications, payment gateway solutions, content management systems and cloud-based solutions using Microsoft technologies.


Datapriece can help you develop a highly secured asynchronous messaging system between services end-points in conjunction with your other Microsoft frameworks like Azure.


We create cloud-native applications, cross-platform mobile apps and re-architect your legacy services using the powerful Azure framework.


we create engaging, eye-pleasing and interactive UI/UX using powerful Silverlight framework for Microsoft web and mobile applications.


Datapierce experts can create powerful applications using MVVM architecture with frontend frameworks like AngularJS,React,Knockout.js, BackboneJS, VueJS.


Datapierce will help you leverage the powerful and versatile .net framework to build web apps, desktop applications, mobile apps and console apps.


Let our expert developers create a perfect collaboration system using Sharepoint, which is a very powerful tool that helps improve workflow, information sharing and collaboration in your organization.


We make powerful applications both for the web and desktop using c# object-oriented programming language that can be integrated into any .net platforms.


We provide development service for high-performance and process-oriented application for building applications for the web, IoI and mobile backends.

Datapierce provides End-to-end Microsoft Technologies development

Datapierce provided dedicated resources specific to your requirements to complete the project on time and on budget. Our developers for Microsoft technologies are Microsoft certified experts.

We can handle the project of all scale ranging from MVVM web Apps, mobiles apps and stand-alone desktop apps that can be build to suit your needs. Our software is designed to be versatile, fast and easy to use for the end-users with industry-grade security.


Why Custom Microsoft technology development with Datapierce?

Datapierce has been developing application and providing services for the Microsoft technologies development for 10 years. With such an extensive experience we have developed a very versatile and fast methodology to create robust applications according to your requirements.

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Hire Microsoft Developers

To get excellence in output and quality development, you can collaborate with our dedicated Microsoft development agile team. It consists of ‘Hire Microsoft Designers’ and ‘Hire Microsoft Developers’ at a competitive market cost. It will prove cheaper decision in comparison to fixed cost Microsoft development projects.