How we work

The process we follow to fulfill your business goals

Step 1

Brainstorming your idea

Everything starts with an idea, a plan to make a difference. In the world of rational beings, there are some out-of-the-box think tanks, like you, who can foresee the unseen. DataPierce is your growth partner to help you make the right move. You share the blueprint of the idea, and we build a clear pathway for you. From scratch to a market-ready product, our expert’s research, collect data, analyze and deliberate the game plan to get you off the ground.


Step 2

Creating a winning development strategy

To start with, we identify your strategic foothold based on competitive SWOT and PESTLE analysis. A full-proof, data-driven development strategy is what we create based on our analysis and findings. We document a perfect blend of development technologies, frameworks, and workflows to build your game-changing solution. How your solution will appear, how visitors will navigate, what features it will have, how it will be better than your competitors- we will be ready with everything. With your preferences and suggestions, we will make the next moves faster.


Step 3

Getting started with designing your solution

Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for- the designing of your solution. How to hook your visitors is what our designers know the best. We begin with designing, which includes everything from your logo, theme, color combinations to even the minutest element to make your solution attractive and interactive. It’s the experience during the journey that makes the success more memorable. Hence, get ready, you’ll be a part of our entire development journey.

designing solution

Step 4

Coming to “Developers at work” stage

Here we begin to code. Our development experts are masterminds whose core focus is to bring personalized touch in your solution that everyone notices. After all, we are the attention-seekers. We are incredibly possessive of what we build, and that’s why we test as we develop. “Flawless” is the remark we expect from you when we deliver your solution. And, that expectation makes us work even harder.

Developers at work

Step 5

Success begins when it goes viral

Don’t worry about your after-launch plan. We’ve got that ready even before you think. A step-by-step, ready-to-jump marketing strategy that helps you reach your target audience in overnight. We are ready with the plan, are you?


How Do We Communicate

  • Identify the desired outcome.
  • Choose the best mode of communication.
  • Consider your tone.
  • Identify potential barriers.
  • Check for understanding.
  • Ask for feedback.

Our effective communication and management
make every effort count

Streamlined processes

Our process ensures everything happens on-time even after any unforeseen circumstances. From planning, documenting to deploying your solution, every stage is efficiently managed.

Best tools in place

Be it project, team, or communication, we have the world’s best tools that makes everything smooth. Everyone involved in the project, including you, remains well-informed right from the start.

Fewer emails and more work

We know you don’t like long emails, so do we. Our team loves to design, code, and market more rather writing long, explanatory emails.

We communicate in every timezone

Irrespective of the timezones your team is in, we make communication easy and quick. For quick suggestions or doubts, our tools and teams make it hassle-free.

“We work with Entrepreneurs because they are
fast movers, they love work not long emails.” 

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