How To Create An Effective E-commerce Website

“E-commerce website has become increasingly important over the past two decades. Some estimates suggest it is a $25.3 trillion – and growing – market.”-World Economic forum

Did you know that out of 7.7 billion people in the world 3.5 billion are online? Most people today search for and buy products and services online. It is not only limited to domestic but in international market too. Cross-border e-commerce is currently on the rise and is one of the fastest-growing segments amongst international trade.

Technology and e-commerce are finally democratizing access to the benefits of global trade. It helps globalization live up to its original promise of shared prosperity and growth. “ –WEF

Hence it is impossible to look away from e-commerce. The adaption of e-commerce is bound to increase to as high number of people using mobile phones is very high.

It is advisable to take your business to the e-commerce platform. Here are a few things that you need to know to create an effective e-commerce website.

  1. Focus

The e-commerce website must be simple and easy to navigate for people. Pay attention to UI/UX and have it designed such that the site is a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Sites that are too cluttered will distract the site visitors and confuse them. Today people have a low attention span and very thin patients then they used to. And there is plenty more competitor website that they can choose the product they want from.

Your site should not lose focus, keep it least cluttered as possible, simplify it and make perfect UI/UX and your visitors won’t lose focus either.

  1. E-commerce Website Personalization

If your visitors are presented with irrelevant products or content they will just move on to another vendor’s site. You need to invest in modules that help present content on your site depending on what the user wants like individual offers.

You can create specific marketing campaigns using Google AdWords to specific pages that have the exact products your customers want. Google Adwords uses its AI to place advertisements during micro-moments that people experience. It would also provide perfect segmentation of your target audience.

On the basis of data you collect from various social listening and analytics tools you can create a personalized experience for your customers, Amazon is one of the best examples that use e-commerce personalization. Every time you visit amazon’s website or click on advertisements, it collects telemetry data about your shopping preferences and customizes its product line for you.

“People are looking for experience, not just product satisfaction.”

  1. Invest in Infrastructure

You have the product that people like; you got the website that is capable of serving your visitors with the best UI/UX experience, your strategies are all in place and marketing campaigns are ready to roll. To get all of our plans to succeed we need to make sure our site is hosted on a good hosting site and you have subscribed to a hosting plan that can handle traffic and support e-commerce applications. There are specific e-commerce hosting platforms available that can handle loads that your e-commerce site generates.

Crashes, glitches and slow websites can do a lot of damage to the business. Once visitors experience any problem on the site, most likely they will never return back especially if it is his first visit.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing builds a relationship with your community and asserts your brand as an authority.”

You need to let your audience keep reminding why they should choose you. Create blog posts that target different layers of your marketing funnel. Some posts should be educational, some related to your branding activities, product posts highlighting their advantages or their in-depth analysis and finally discounts and promotional offers.

Content marketing provides you with insight as well as improves your connection with your audience. Over time people will attach your brand with words like trustable, affordable, exclusive and reliable based on your overall interaction with them.

“Content marketing can increase your conversion rate by almost six times!”- Neil Patel

These are the four important strategies that you need to apply to ensure your e-commerce website is a 100% success.

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