Google has announced to roll-out a new update, the May 2020 core update, and this is the first core update after the Coronavirus global invasion.

There must be multiple questions in your mind, which have to be answered, so with this post, we are here to address every concern and query you have in mind related to Google core May 2020 update.

What are the steps to be taken?

As always Google has mentioned that there is nothing specific to be done to meet the demands of this update. However, there are chances that your current ranking might dip, but this should not worry you. You can continue by posting more engaging content on your website. It is quite normal if your website ranking will be hit by core update, and doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your web pages.

Why this update matters?

Since Coronavirus has invaded our world, it has brought a significant change in the users’ search behavior. Now Google’s search result expectations have changed, and people are looking for more COVID-19 information or something related to it.

Also, the search categories, which were popular like travel, entertainment, event, and others have stooped down. With the May 2020 Core Update, Google is all set to make a pace with the world’s current searches.

How will this update benefit SEO?

SEO services work closely with the algorithm updates. It means SEO will experience a significant rise in demand for their work. And it will help businesses to rank their portal well on the search engines.

How to integrate this update?

Just like last time, there is nothing to be fixed, after your raking would drop, after the core update. The only aspect you need to keep your focus intact on, is the quality of content posted on your website. So your content would be the best interpretation of users’ queries, and as a consequence, it will reflect in the searches. 

Consider the positive side

Every time Google updates its search ranking algorithms, it creates a platform for your website to do better in the future. So to maintain the good ranking on your website, just keep a strong check on the analytics and rankings, and make the most out of this update.

In a nutshell

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