Good news from Google my business – Now add more hours for specific services:

Google business listing is a listing of your business on Google that will appear when people search for your business name or service. It is a listing of your business that allows the customer to find your contact details in one place. 

Google my business has started allowing businesses to add more hours for a specific or a list of specific services. It now allows the addition of more hours in their Google Business listing for services that are not available for all the time of a day. With Google Business Account, if the hours for certain services in a business extend from regular business timings, then that details can now be displayed for the customers to see. 

Businesses can have extended hours for the following list of services:

  • Brunch
  • Delivery
  • Drive-through
  • Happy hours
  • Kitchen
  • Pickup
  • Senior hours
  • Takeout

Good news from Google my business - Now add more hours for specific services:After looking at your Google Business listing, for the list of services that have been allowed an extension, one can conclude that this change has been allowed post-global pandemic. After businesses realized that this is the “new normal”, they have changed the hours or extended their services that were not available initially. For instance, in certain businesses, the senior citizens are given a time slot in the morning to allow comfortable shopping. 

Other businesses have started to pick up and delivery services, but have a different set of hours for each service. This new feature can be helpful in the pandemic situation, but I am afraid that this feature will become obsolete once the businesses start to function normally.

Before this update, businesses could only add the opening and closing time of their businesses. But now, Google Business Account allows businesses more flexibility, yet the businesses have to follow certain factors and be within the boundaries of Google.

How to add more hours for specific services:

Adding more hours to your Google Business Account is as simple as setting regular hours for your business. The basic condition is, you have to set the business hours first, to enable the extended hours for specific service. 

Steps to set more hours:

  1. Sign in to Google my business.
  2. Open the location you would like to edit.
  3. Click Info
  4. Next to “More hours”, click the icon Edit.
  5. Under “Add hours” in the “More hours”, click on the hours that you want to specify.
  6. Besides the “Days of the week”, check the box for the day of the extended services and enter the hours for it.
  7. Click apply once you have entered all the details. 

You should note that the extension of hours is available only for certain types of businesses. These details will be displayed for the selected days of the week and will be visible to customers on Google Maps and Search.

Setting Special hours:

When the requirement arises, you can add special business hours for the following:

  • Holidays
  • Special events
  • Other exceptional circumstances

Your regular hours won’t change, even if you have to add special hours. To make sure that customer knows your holiday hours, you can confirm official holiday hours at Google business listing even if they are same as your regular working hours. Special working hours can only be added if you already have filled the details for the regular working hours. If your business has different hours for a specific service, you can add More hours in place of special hours.  

Working hours that extend up till the next day:

If your working hours extend from midnight and up to noon the next day, you have to break the hours into pieces: One piece will have a set of working hours until the end of the first day, and another piece that begins at midnight of the following day. The set of special hours can not be more than 24 hours. 

For example, if your business is open from 8 pm on one day and goes until 5 pm the next day, then you should enter the working hours as below:

2016-9-1: 20:00-00:00, 2016-9-2: 00:00-17:00

Once you do this into your Google Business Account, the regular hours for the following day will be ignored in the favour of special working hours. Hence, if you have some working hours for the next day, make sure you specify that again on the list of your special hours.

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