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How you can hire us in designing, developing, and delivering excellence

Choose any of the engagement models to make us your partner in developing game-changing solutions for you and your customers.

White Label Engagement Model

Our while label engagement model is the best one for you when you want us to work for you anonymously. We provide you with a dedicated team to work as your employees. Everything from strategies, processes, to communication, we represent you and your company.

Our team takes up the entire development project as their responsibility and make sure it over exceed your expectations. You save time and money in hunting for the right set of professionals, training, and managing them.

We strongly believe in transparency. Hence, we sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure everything between us remains confidential.

Benefits of choosing the white label engagement model

  • Get an experienced team working as your in-house team
  • Save time in hiring, training and managing teams
  • Reduce infrastructure and salary costs
  • Focus more on highly essential tasks such as sales
  • Gain more profits as expenses go down

Fixed Cost Engagement Model


For your fixed set of development requirements, we have the fixed cost engagement model. With this engagement model, you come to us with a well-defined scope of development work you need. This requirement could be anything from a feature upgrade to a small to medium-scale app development.

Right from the start, you and we know what output to expect, which also remains documented. Here, the cost and time to deliver remains fixed until and unless you have additional or a missed set of project needs.

Benefits of choosing the fixed cost engagement model

  • As this is a fixed requirement model, you gather all of your requirements at one go
  • Additional development needs are estimated separately
  • We deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Best suited for small to medium-scale businesses

Dedicated Team Engagement Model

Get a dedicated team or a developer to work for your product development project using this dedicated team engagement model. Here, you have complete freedom to choose the entire team. 

The process of hiring the team remains the same. You take interviews of our team members and select the ones that are the right fit for your requirements. The only difference is- our every team member is highly skilled, experienced, and expert in their area.

This engagement model is best suited for long-term or complex projects. Before we begin, we agree upon a cost which will be billed every month.

Benefits of choosing a dedicated team engagement model

  • The team that you select work dedicatedly for your project requirements till the time you want
  • You have complete control of what tasks the team performs during the entire contract period
  • The key outputs and timeline are easy to measure as you know how the project is progressing on a daily basis
  • There is no additional cost attached for any other requirements or scope of work

Time and Material Engagement Model


Our time and material engagement model is the right fit for you when the scope of work seems unclear yet evolving. In this engagement model, we provide you with a skilled team of resources that dedicatedly work on your project. 

Here, the hours are also considered to decide the cost of the project. Based on the efforts of our resources and the hours they utilize to fulfil your requirements, becomes the cost of your project, which is payable monthly.

Benefits of choosing time and material engagement model

  • You have greater flexibility of evolving your product features, functionalities, design changes, and more based on the latest market needs
  • If in the future, you want to move to the fixed cost engagement model, it is possible here with a well-defined scope of work
  • You have complete control over product development timeline
  • Efficient project management tools and timely reporting makes this engagement model a boon for ever-changing project requirements